Apple Watch Trend,Business Case and More


  • After tablet boom , wearable devices is the next big thing in the tech industry
  • Among the wearable devices Wrist wear is leading the market
  • Smartwatch is the most popular among Wrist wear devices
  • Major vendors like Samsung, LG, Motorola and lately Apple has launched their products
  • Fitbit has retained the lead in the global wearable market in the second quarter of 2015
  • Apple managed to sell 3.6 million Apple Watches in its first quarter on the market
  • The most wanted feature in a smartwatch is activity tracking



Busniess Use Case

Financial Sector

  • Deposit your cheques
  • Quick Balance
  • Review transaction history
  • Easy bill payments
  • Transfers funds
  • Trade stocks and options
  • Market Watch News Sharing
  • ATM Locator


  • Quick Search
  • Product information and reviews
  • Check out
  • Apple Pay
  • Glance to see the store hours
  • Locate Store


  • Report Loss
  • Claim status check
  • Claim payment notification
  • Road side assistance call
  • Driving Score and Experience
  • Get Insurance Card
  • Locator

Health and Fitness – Connected Wellness

  • Monitor Health Statistics- Heart rate, Blood Pressure
  • Medication Reminder
  • Medication refill notifications
  • Track physical activities
  • Health Advisories
  • View test and lab results
  • Schedule appointments
  • Search hospital and Specialists

App Architecture

  • The app is consists of two major part WatchKit app and WatchKit extension
  • A WatchKit app is a user launch able app that gets deployed on the Apple Watch
  • The WatchKit app contains only the storyboards and resource files associated with your app’s user interface
  • A WatchKit app acts as the public face of your app but it works in tandem with WatchKit extension
  • The WatchKit extension contains the code for managing content, responding to user interactions, and updating your user interface
  • The WatchKit extension runs on iPhone( in WatchOS 2, the extension is also deployed in watch)App architecture
  • The user can launch Watch app from the Home screen, interact with glance, or view notifications using custom UI
  • Each of these interactions launches Watch app and the corresponding WatchKit extension
  • Watch app and WatchKit pass information back and forth until the user stops interacting with your app, at which point iOS suspends the extension until the next user interaction
  • WatchKit extension remains running only while the user is interacting with app on Apple Watch
  • When the user exits app explicitly or stops interacting with Apple watch, iOS deactivates the current interface controller and eventually suspends execution of your extensioncommunication diagram

Apple Push Notification service(APN)

  • Apple Push Notification service (APNs) propagates remote notifications to devices having apps registered to receive those notifications.
  • Each device establishes an accredited and encrypted IP connection with the service and receives notifications over this persistent connection.
  • Providers connect with APNs through a persistent and secure channel
  • Provider need SSL certificates from Member Center
  • Each certificate is limited to a single app, identified by its bundle ID
  • Providers uses an interface which is based on streaming TCP socket design for sending remote notificationsAPN communication

 APN security

  • APNs uses two levels of trust for providers, devices, and their communications. These are known as connection trust and token trust.
  • Connection trust establishes certainty that the APNs connection is with an authorized provider with whom Apple has agreed to deliver notifications.
  • To deliver to correct device APN uses Token Trust. A device token is an opaque identifier of a device that APNs gives to the device when it first connects with it. The device shares the device token with its providerAPN security

 APN app Registration

  • Apps must register to receive remote notifications.
  • The system receives the registration request from the app, connects with APNs, and forwards the request
  • APN generate device token and send it back to Device.
  • Device return the token to app.
  • App share the token with the providerapp registration

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